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Andy Podshadley 
4 City Council

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Together we can move Novato forward!

I am keenly aware of the impact Council decisions have on the economic and social challenges Novato faces.  As an elected City Council member, my intent is to guide

policy in a responsible and creative way that supports reasonable growth. 


One thing is clear, Novato has tremendous untapped potential. Dedicated and innovative thinkers, focused on specific issues faced by Novato, have the opportunity to tap into that potential.

Among the many issues facing Novato where I want to focus attention is:

  • Public Safety - We must keep young, enthusiastic officers by prioritizing equitable pay.


  • Fiscal Responsibility - Novato’s $1.4 million dollar deficit requires intelligent spending without stifling growth or compromising safety.


  • Town Vibrancy - Novato’s small-town charm is our strength! We should promote Novato as a destination by developing events and businesses that draw residents and visitors alike.


  • Quality Infrastructure - Enforcing ordinances and streamlining processes will keep our city vibrant and modern while preserving local charm. 

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